Our Family Restaurant

Hi, we are Paul and Nora McGovern and in 2004 we acquired the Whistle Stop

Paul McGovern, Whistlestop

I have been in the restaurant business since his my first job at Chicken Delight in Philadelpia in 1974.
After a sucessful career with national chains such as Marriott' Family Restaurant's Bob's Big Boy, Sbarro's Pizza & TGI Fridays I'm excited to provide my own unique restaurant concept to our friends in Port Salerno.

Our motto is "We Love Cooking For You!" and we really do.
I also have worked in the restaurant business off and on through the years, mostly in the office but I have grown to love the customer interaction at The Whistle Stop.

Nora McGovern, Whistlestop

William McGovern, Whistlestop

I graduated from Port Salerno's Chapman School of Seamanship's professional Mariners Traning and worked 10 years at local favorites like Duffy's and Miller's Alehouse before I came aboard the Whislestop.

A real family business were as owner operators we truely love what we do.

Our mission:

- provide the local community quality quick serve food through a value priced menu.
- total commitment to great food.
- friendly alert service

Our style of service is first dedicated to direct open and pleasant guest interaction.
Secondly we’ve structured a flexible operating system to adapt to market feed back and guests wishes.

We love cooking for you!

What others say about us:

Best Bargain on the Treasure Coast

Great prices, huge portions, top quality and the staff is always on the ball

Food is amazing for such a small quaint place

Everything I've tried on the menu is excellent

A winner for sure